Here at Orderspace we are unashamedly fond of coffee. It is stimulating, comforting, energising and sometimes just the act of making a coffee provides the break we need to solve a problem that has been bothering us for hours!

So in honour of international coffee day, here are some interesting facts about our favourite hot drink:

  1. In Turkey, the bridegroom was once required to make a vow during the wedding to always make sure to provide their wives with coffee. If they did not do so it was considered grounds for divorce. (Seems fair enough to me!)
  2. Coffee is good for your health, it contains antioxidants which helps to prevent free radicals from damaging cells. Studies show that a typical serving of coffee contains more antioxidants than a serving of blueberries, raspberries, grape juice or oranges.
  3. Beethoven counted the number of coffee beans he used to make his coffee and insisted on 60 beans per cup.
  4. Brazil produced a postal stamp that smelled like coffee in December of 2001. It was designed to promote their coffee and the smell was supposed to last for up to 5 years.
  5. Coffee grounds scattered on the soil around plants in the garden can repel snails and slugs to stop them from eating plants.
  6. Oil is the most widely used commodity in the world, coffee is next in line.
  7. The average coffee drinker consumes 3 cups of coffee per day.
  8. Coffee beans are not really beans at all but berries from the coffee tree bush.
  9. Around 2.25 billion cups of coffee is consumed daily across the world.
  10. If you want to have your coffee’s action most effective, consume it between 9:30 am and 11:30 am.

The flipside of all this is single use cups, the kind used for take-out coffees. Half a trillion disposable cups are manufactured annually around the world; that’s over 70 disposable cups for every person on the planet. Disposable paper cups contain 5% polyurethane plastic, making composting and recycling of disposable cups extremely rare. Check out the #stopthe100billion campaign for more information and ways to get involved. You can also peruse a stunning selection of reusable bamboo coffee cups like the one shown below, which features an iconic William Morris design.

Pomme William Morris 14oz Ecoffee Cup & William Morris

So go and make yourself a lovely (responsibly sourced, reusable) cup of your favourite coffee, and make mine an almond milk caramel latte!

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