B2B e-commerce is the term used to describe an online platform that captures B2B (business to business) and wholesale orders. It works along the same principles as standard e-commerce, where customers place orders via a website and the back-end admin is efficiently managed and streamlined by the software.

Typically the solution will be hosted in the cloud, this means you don't need to worry about installing or downloading any software, and will enjoy regular updates and improvements to the service. It also generally doesn't require a huge investment in terms of cost, training or your time. With OrderSpace you can have your B2B e-commerce site up and running within hours.

B2B E-Commerce Trends and Statistics

Analysts predict that B2B online sales will account for close to 27 percent of total manufacturing trade, which is likely to hit 25 trillion USD by 2020. B2B buyers have come to expect a more convenient, pleasurable solution to ordering. A good wholesale ordering package provides everything a B2C solution offers, with B2B-specific features that help business buyers place orders efficiently.

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