Evaluating Wholesale Ordering Solutions

Evaluating Wholesale Ordering Solutions
Photo by Brendan Church / Unsplash

If you are looking at B2B e-commerce solutions, there are many aspects to consider. Here are five key considerations to bear in mind when evaluating a new system:

1. It must make ordering easier for your trade customers
Okay, you would think this is a given, but it really isn't. Whatever your current method of taking orders, any new system needs to be easier for your trade customers. Otherwise, they will (quite understandably) refuse to use it, either sticking to the old method or simply not placing any orders with you.

Make sure the layout is clear and conducive to fast, error-free ordering. Give stockists all the information they need to be able to place wholesale orders efficiently. Look for features like quick product search, pre-order/backorder capabilities, order tables specifically designed for wholesale orders and a trade-specific checkout process. I should add at this point, your retail site will not work for wholesale customers, they have totally different needs.

2. Setting up and maintaining your catalogue needs to be easy
The last thing you want is to spend days setting up new products when they arrive, there obviously has to be some set-up time, but it shouldn't be painful or frustrating!

Look for features like product import, the ability to copy attributes, easy image uploads (bonus points for bulk upload facilities), and little extras like we have on Orderspace where you can hit the lightning bolt to copy data effortlessly within products.

3. It needs to make order processing more efficient for you
Again, it just sounds obvious. But if the admin is over-complicated, it is going to slow the order process down. If too much human intervention comes into play to compensate for deficiencies in the new system, errors will be inevitable.

Make sure you are happy with the workflow; ideally, it will match or improve your current order fulfilment process. Avoid any gaps where manual intervention is required.

4. The support team needs to be brilliant
By brilliant, I mean: responsive, helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. You are entrusting your wholesale business to them, and if you have problems or questions, they should be on hand to help you make sure you get the most out of the system. At the start and throughout.

5. The cost of the solution should pay for itself many times over
If you choose the right solution, your customers will place better, larger orders and your team will spend less time dealing with these orders. This naturally results in more profit. You do not need to spend a fortune on B2B Ordering Software, and opting for a Cloud-based solution should work out as vastly more cost-effective than going for a bespoke piece of software.

I hope this gives you some ideas about what to look for when evaluating wholesale ordering software; of course, we would love for you to give Orderspace a try and let us know how we measure up!