Volume discounts are a popular sales strategy for wholesale businesses. They act as an incentive to encourage buyers to purchase goods in larger quantities.

Our volume discount feature allows you to reduce the price of an item based on the quantity ordered. Discounts can be calculated as a percentage off the unit price, or set as a specific fixed price discount for each discount tier on each item.

Discount Groups are used to set up a list of quantity price breaks that are shared between multiple products. Whenever you make changes to a discount group, the changes will be applied to all products using that group.

Once you have assigned a discount group, you can set up specific fixed price discounts for each item which will override the percentage discount. If these fields are left blank, the percentage discount will be used. In the example below, A202-6 has specific fixed price discounts set for each discount tier, and all other items will default to the percentage discounts.

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