9 Signs You've Outgrown Your Current Order Processing System

9 Signs You've Outgrown Your Current Order Processing System

When small businesses start wholesaling, they often use a combination of spreadsheets, paper order forms, email and telephone conversations to look after their wholesale orders. This can work sufficiently well for a while, but inevitably more sophisticated features are required to run the business efficiently.

Whatever system you currently use, look out for these signs that serious changes need to be made...

  1. Frequent stock shortages and losses
  2. Stressful order fulfilment process, and possibly a consistent inability to complete daily processing tasks
  3. Complaints from customers
  4. Repeated mistakes, mis-picks and incorrect invoicing
  5. The idea of being busier filling you with dread because you don't know how the current system will cope with more orders
  6. Frequent backorders
  7. Losing a grip on inventory levels
  8. Unable to easily pull out data; customer history, sales figures etc.
  9. Inefficient admin tasks causing hours of wasted time each week

Orderspace can eradicate every single one of these problems, and you can be up and running within hours without the need for training or investment. Our Ordering Plan is only £39 per month ($65 USD) with no set-up costs or hidden fees. Take our free 30-day trial and see how much easier and more enjoyable it could be!

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Last Updated: 5th May 2021