Simplifying The Wholesale Order Process

Simplifying The Wholesale Order Process

At the core of our focus here at Orderspace is simplicity. You will find this in everything we do, from our marketing site and our pricing plans, all the way through to the user experience.

If our users found Orderspace more complicated/time-consuming than using email, or Excel forms, we would consider that a massive failure on our part. So the challenge is to keep the experience as simple and easy to use as possible, whilst implementing all the sophisticated features behind the scenes. Every business works differently, so creating a solution that remains user-friendly takes a lot of careful planning.

An excellent example of this is our order form. This page has to give the customer a lot of information, whilst being straightforward, easy and quick to use. It has to display all the product information your customers need without causing information overload. Things like unit price, RRP/MRP, MOQ, multiple, pre-order information, stock information. It has to show what the product looks like (and if you hover over you can enjoy a larger zoom). We have designed it to act as a line sheet, and it can be printed off as one if required. But most importantly, it needs to allow for super-quick order entry because this is its core function.

This gives the user everything they need to place orders quickly and easily, and they never have to refer to any other documentation. Confirming the order is also fuss-free and fast.

So how could you simplify your order process? If you're not using Orderspace that is one option we would love you to try but, aside from this, can you look at your current ways of working and streamline things? You could find some great inspiration from all of these previous posts:

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Keeping things simple is quite complicated, and not everybody gets it, but we know it is one of the many things that sets our b2b ordering system apart. If you can employ the same tactics within your business, the customer experience (and therefore your success) will only improve.